Wheelers ever thought of an Audax ride?

An Audax is different to a sportive, low cost, no signage, no feed stations, no timing, no broom wagon but plenty of fun, a café stop or two, and sometimes hot food and drink at the end, follow the links on the website for more details.

More info…be aware this could lead you to some very long rides…

If you’re after something tougher than a sportive but don’t know where to turn, consider Audax events. They’re often cheaper than sportives, but what you save in money you’ll probably pay with your legs! In Latin ‘Audax’ means ‘bold’ so if you want a real challenge, this is for you.

Full details of local audax rides can be found on the Audax UK Website with details of how to enter, yearly membership to Audax UK is currently £18 per annum or you can pay a £3 sub per event you enter to cover temporary membership, more information about membership can be found here.