Club Audax

Swindon Wheelers have set up a DIY audax to allow members to ride a qualifying audax as a starter for those interested in taking their audax career further. If you want more details contact Ady Short.

This is a self timed/controlled members only DIY Audax running between 1st and 15th August – we will place QR codes at various control points for you to find and scan with the Webscorer app, you will need to download and register to use this app, it’s free.

The Control Points (CP’s) are numbered CP1 through CP5 but I’ve set them so you can do them in any order, the challenge here will be planning your route, some guidance/suggestions:

1. The route should be circular where possible, try to limit using the same roads in both directions

2. Your route should start and finish in Swindon, you can get through the CP’s and back in about 65 miles

3. Please avoid main A roads if possible or limit your time on them to just between turns, stay safe

4. Think about limiting climbing/ascent if possible or even adding climbs if that’s your thing, a straight forward loop of 65 miles through the CP’s will give around 4k ft so it’s a challenging route if you do this, a route with less higher gradient climbs might mean a longer ride

5. It’s not a timed race, we will see when you go through the control points as you scan them but the challenge will be about routing/navigation and your overall route, even a wonderful pub lunch picture could sway the jury

6.  We’ll assemble some of the club committee as a jury to figure which was the best route and looked like the most enjoyable, post pics if you can