Members Survey

Dear “Wheeler”

In 2020 we sent out a mini online survey to full club members. Big thank you for those that completed it. We had over 100 responses which for a club survey is a really great response.

With all the Covid issues (and personal situations) working through the survey results has needed to take a bit of a back burner, but we wanted to share some of the summary feedback now, whilst we are still working through some of the topics and questions raised. We are planning to feedback more before the AGM.

We wanted to share some of the summary slides now. Please have a look at them. The good news is that overall the feedback is really positive, but there is still some room for improvement, and some topics like club kit, introducing U18, Moredon facility, and future trips and events all need more discussion.

It’s been really positive to see the feedback and engagement, and a great reminder of how lucky we are to have such great club members.

Ali Bartlam

2020 Survey Feedback