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To the bridge and back …

On Saturday 6th August, the club will ride almost 100 miles to the Severn Bridge and back to raise money for charity. This year, we’re supporting two fantastic causes, Prospect Hospice (End of life care) and Brighter Futures (Radiography Centre appeal).

The two Swindon-based charities support people at some of the most critical times in life – when they’re most in need.

Prospect Hospice are based between Swindon and Marlborough. They work in partnership with patients, their families and organisations to provide and influence excellent care, support and understanding at the end of life.

Brighter Futures are based at Great Western Hospital. They’re currently running an appeal to raise funds for a new Radiography Centre, which will help people get the care they need when battling cancer. Currently, treatment requires patients to travel to Oxford and beyond.

We’re unable to set up one single page for the Severn Bridge ride on JustGiving. But we’re able to do two separate ones for the same event.

Please click here to donate to Prospect Hospice.

Please click here to donate to Brighter Futures.

Go on, give a bit to both and make a difference to someone who needs you.