Social Media Policy

Social media and mobile technologies are a great way for club members to connect with each other and to promote club activities and achievements. SWCC wishes to embrace these communication channels. However, we recognise that they can be misused.

The objective of this policy is to set out the rules to be applied to all social media carrying the SWCC name or associated with club members. These include Facebook, Strava, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

This policy has been published to be open and transparent about how SWCC members should communicate with each other and with other interested parties when using social media.

Email Distribution List

Members of SWCC will receive club emails unless they choose to opt out of the club distribution list by notifying the Membership Secretary.

Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Strava, WhatsApp etc)

In all situations the club’s social media channels should not be employed for personal gain, commercial or vested interest.

Posts must relate to cycling and the activities of SWCC. Where reasonable, notices may be posted to promote local services or events that may be of interest to the Club’s members and local supporters.

Posts should NOT contain profane or offensive language or images. Posts should not be placed or commented on with the intent to troll or cause discord amongst the group community, they also should NOT criticise or belittle any individual whether or not that individual is a member of SWCC.

As a simple rule, if you are posting information on social media, be it video, photographs, or the written word, before you post anything, ask yourself: could it be offensive to others? Unless you are sure it will not cause offence, do not post.

Club appointed admin monitor social media posts and will remove any posts not conforming to the above standard, providing a brief explanation to the poster as to why the post was removed. Repeat offenders will be barred from posting on the Club’s social media channels for a period of time agreed by the committee. If unwanted behaviour persists the individual will be barred from posting on social media sites relating to SWCC.

Any complaints or appeals against refusal or removal must be made to the Club Secretary and will be discussed at the next committee meeting.

SWCC Committee April 2021