5 Year Plan

Vision Statement

A vibrant, healthy, diverse, and progressive cycling club that thrives on providing enjoyable cycling opportunities for all standards of cyclist.


Maintain a healthy and diverse membership.

Maintain a group of 30 to 40 Ride Leaders (RL) for the Club. To be reviewed every six months if more RL are required to be trained.

To provide as a minimum two rides per group on a Saturday or Sunday.

To deliver midweek rides for all groups where possible during the summer months.

Review our cycling group numbers and naming convention.

Develop a Club coaching group over the next two years.

To be actively involved with the Moredon cycling track project as this develops during 2021.

Provide support to the Latton TT events, along with other cycling clubs.

Deliver three social events during the year, Curry night, BBQ, Awards night.

Deliver an open Hill Climb and TT event during 2021.

Conduct a review of the Club’s finances on a quarterly basis.

Arrange two European cycling trips and four in the UK.

Plan and prepare Club cycling, and social activities for the Centenary in 2023.

Develop and update the Club’s history.

All the Club’s trophies to be listed and accounted on an annual basis.

Develop an active volunteer group of 10 members who will help support the Events Secretary with Club activities.

Deliver another membership survey to ensure that membership satisfaction levels are maintained if not improved.

Develop a Club race team for both road and Zwift members.

Action Plan

Click below to view the Club’s Action Plan in a pdf document:

Action Plan