At the weekend there are 48 hours to fill with cycling! Well, we’re not stopping you! We have rides on Saturday and Sunday all year, with extras in the summer during the week. Most importantly, no one gets left behind.


The ride times on this page are only a guide, we do vary them depending on special rides, events and due to the weather. From Wednesday each week ride leaders confirm the destinations/starts/times on our TeamUp calendar, or refer to SWCC Group Rides Facebook site here: SWCC Group Rides.

New members are always welcome and can try us for up to 3 rides before joining.


NOVA 40-50 miles 13-15 mph
ROULEUR 50+ miles 13-16 mph
GRUPETTO 40-60 miles 14-16 mph
TEMPO 50-60 miles 16-18 mph
50-60 miles 18-20 mph
50+ miles 19+ mph

Rides get hillier as you progress through the groups. Speeds listed are the overall averages for the whole ride and are a general guide not strict boundaries. The ride leader will assess and determine the speed according to the route and the attendees on the day. A range is provided due to the variety of route profiles. Hillier routes would be at the low end of each range with flatter routes at the top end. For average speed on flat sections alone, excluding hills, add 2 mph to the top end of the ranges as a guide.


Typically rides will start at 8.30am during British Summer Time and 9am in winter. To join a ride you need to sign up through our TeamUp calendar, accessible from the group rides page SWCC Group Rides.

Start locations, destinations and routes are also provided via the TeamUp calendar and group rides page. The most commonly used start points are illustrated here: Start Points.


Summer rides run throughout the week but are typically offered between Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. These normally start at 6.30pm but may be brought forward at the start or end of the season.

During the day in midweek senior club riders also have some regular rides – if you would like to ride please contact Howard King or Steve Dutton.

During the summer we will run weekly chaingang rides for those who want to compete in racing, or for those who want a high intensity workout. Keep an eye on the SWCC Group Rides for details.

On Thursdays, in conjunction with other locals clubs, we hold an open 10 mile time trial in Latton. More details can be found here: Latton TT Series.


The club loves to have a strong number of riders in two local sportives – The White Horse Challenge and The Cotswold Spring Classic Remember to enter early! Click the links for details. For a list of Sportives in the local area and beyond, visit our Sportives page.


All members and non members who decide to ride with the Swindon Wheelers do so at their own risk. It is the rider’s own responsibility to ensure that they have the required fitness for the group they choose to ride with, also, to make sure they carry enough water and nutrition to last the length of their chosen ride and at all times to put in place a plan of action in case of severe mechanicals, or in extreme circumstances, a total loss of energy, resulting in the necessity of waiting for transport to be taken home.

The Swindon Wheelers will never knowingly leave any group member behind, and in the event of a rider waiting for transport to get home, the Ride leader will make sure the said rider is accompanied until pick up.

The Swindon Wheelers highly recommend joining British Cycling (please click the Link).

Upon joining British Cycling the member will be covered for Liability insurance, legal support and also get many other benefits.