Swindon Wheelers record accident information with the objective of reducing the likelihood of such incidents recurring in the future.

Where injury, illness or property damage has been sustained, and you are a British Cycling member, the incident should be reported to British Cycling using their standard document. Please also send a copy to Swindon Wheelers’ Safety Officer, Bev Cejer, at . The British Cycling incident form can be found here: BC Incident Form.

For minor incidents, whether on a club ride or not, please report these to the Safety Officer using the club’s own form: SWCC Accident Report.

Taking British Cycling membership is strongly recommended because it includes third party insurance and legal support.

Actions to take in the event of an accident whilst out on a ride

  • Assess the situation considering your own safety and that of the casualty
  • If the casualty is in imminent danger where they are, ensuring the safety of others,
    carefully move them to a place of safety
  • Assess the casualty and if the injury is thought to be a serious call for an ambulance
  • If the injury is not thought to be serious clear the highway of all people and bike(s)
  • In cold weather use a foil blanket to keep the casualty warm
  • Record the registration and driver details of any other vehicles involved
  • Collect the names and details of any witnesses
  • If there is damage to person or property caused by the cyclist or a third party contact
    the police
  • If the casualty is conscious and wishes you to, contact their next of kin (NOK)
  • If the casualty is unable to provide that information, check if they are carrying a
    Wheelers NOK card and inform their NOK
  • If the ride leader is unaware of the accident inform them as soon as possible, the
    ride leader will then decide what to do with the rest of the group -whether to
    continue the ride or wait with the casualty