ART winter series- Dalton Barracks Round 3

Great turn out for the wheelers today at ART winter series round 3.

A strong sprint from Gary paddon saw him come 5th in the cat 4 race, with Alain finishing 9th also in the points. Merv had a solid start to racing finishing in the bunch.

The 3rd cat race saw Capt Ben doing long pulls on the front to keep the splits in check. Ian, James and Rob just missing the final split with Ian and James finishing 15th &16th. Myles finished his favourite 16th X 2.

We had a solo lady out in the ladies race. A gutsy performance saw Katy finish 16th in tough windy conditions.

Fraser and Andy raced in the E/1/2 men’s race. Fraser finished 19th. Star performance of the day was Andy, he bagged some rollers for £20, made Fraser shut down a large split, had his best E/1/2 performance and then had a free latte!!!!

Chapeau to all wheelers out there Racing and supporting ❤️🤍💙

Words: Fraser Joyce
📸/🎥: Marianne Day, Michael Spencer & Jo Spencer